When my friends enter my den, they are dazzled by the diplomas and plaques of thanks for all the volunteerism I have done in my life, from helping to coach the local YMCA swim teams to being president of the high school booster club, to name a few. Diplomas and plaques are opulent when one thinks of lack of true devotion to the needs of humanity.

Our religions tell us we are sinners because we are human. I cannot wrap my mind around this thought. I do not believe that we are sinners just because we are born of human flesh. We are created from the will and grace of God and therefore are His children, more than we are children of the human parents we have. When Jesus asks us to honor our father and mother, isn’t he also asking us to honor God, the supreme father and mother in our lives?

How’s this for a dazzling idea? Like Joseph, we are all shepherds; god’s desire is for us to shepherd our fellow man bringing the light of God into their lives. This does not mean to change their beliefs, but it does mean to model how it feels to be a true child of God; actions speak louder than words. Treat people with love, and love will return to you. This is God’s will; this is how we are dazzled by God’s love. If we show the light of His countenance, we are bringing our brothers and sisters into waters of the springs of salvation; we do not need to be baptized by John to achieve this.

God assures us every day that he is with us, within us, by our side, and we will have no harm done to him when we walk in His light. Some of my friends ask for a sign. I ask what sign. We do not need a sign that God is with us every single day. I look at the Sun rising in the morning; I hear the birds singing outside my window; I see the children playing games and know that god is with me every day in every way. I do not need another sign of His presence.

I know that God blesses us every day. If we allow Him to lead us, we cannot go astray. If we follow what our manufactured governments say, we walk not in God’s light but the light of selfishness and greed. The momentary dazzle of gold and silver fades very quickly when hardships occur. God’s dazzle never changes.

I look for God in the face of every person I meet; I see His face in theirs; people see this in me and smile; this is God smiling on me. This is God smiling on them. I believe that if I cannot see the face of God in others, I cannot see God in my life.

With every spiritual gift I receive on earth, I experience the dazzle of God’s Presence, Love , and Grace. May God walk with you today.

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