Ask, Search, Knock

These are the commands of God, as given to us by Jesus. His mercy and grace are ours, for when we ask, we receive; when we search, we find; and, when we knock, the door is opened. This is a promise to us all, no matter whom we are, or where we live, or, how we live. It is freely given without restrictions or our doing anything to deserve it.

We make this better for us when we ignore those who want to captivate us with words of anger and hatred. Their deceitful philosophies are not those of god, are not those of Jesus. Even though we live in a corrupt, base, primitive world, we are all children of the living God; He is eternally alive within us. This is the promise given us by Jesus.

In the Old Testament, we ask God to increase and multiply His mercy upon us. My view is that when we ask, search, and knock for the mercy of God, we are in fact multiplying His mercy for the world to see, for the world to benefit from. We are living in His eternal mercy.

One of the things my grandmother used to say to us when we wanted to start a fight was to turn the other cheek. I no longer say this; I say that if we give love to people, we will receive love in return. Sooner or later, this love, like the ripples in a pond, will spread continually. The promise of this love includes the dismantling of the false promises of material rewards.

Our short lives on this earth are not fulfilled by accepting the illegitimate words of those who spread discord and violence. Walk in the sunlight of God’s mercy. My life is wonderful when I practice this.

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