Our lives are truly mysteries; but they are mysteries of our own making. A mystery cannot be explained; we can explain our lives. We are so caught-up in our daily insignificant problems that we forget what life truly means. We mistrust our instincts because we are assured by others that they know better than we do.

But they don’t. we are not alone in this universe; we are here together, and we belong to each other. We heard a sermon from the pulpit this Sunday on the Parable of the Good Samaritan. They lesson is that we must care for each other. As children of God, we are one people, not separated by color, or language, or religion.

We pray to God and feel that He never answers. Maybe we should thank God for creating all of us; thank him for the beautiful life He has blessed us with. Jesus taught that we should love one another; this means to love the unloved. When are Good Christian tells me that someone does not belong to God, I know that this person is not has he proclaims. Everyone belongs to God; we are all God’s people.

My prayer for the day is that we may all find the Love of God so we can live a better, happier, more blessed life and thus remove the mysteries we are so concerned with.

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