Simple Prayer of Mission

 A  Simple Prayer of Mission

 Our mission is the one given to us by God. Our mission is to fulfill his command to cherish Him and His creation. We should not ask what the world needs; we should ask what makes us alive, what makes us excited to act. The world now needs people who are excited to come alive in God’s name. He is our stronghold, and therefore, He is our inspiration.

Heavenly Father, our very lives are blessed by your presence; in You we live, we move, we love, we act. Grant us the continued Grace of the presence of the Holy Spirit. The Psalmist writes, let us kneel before God for we are the people of his pasture. God’s Grace is given freely; we cannot learn this or be taught this; it is an eternal gift to all of us. Our mission is to share this. When we look to God we are in awe of His majesty. We are in awe of the strength he gives us.

Our mission is to spread this awe, this majesty, to whomever we meet. Not a gift from us, it is the gift from God, given because we are His children, all of us. We are His sheep, living in His pasture. Let us be assured that He looks upon us with the happiness and satisfaction that He offers. Dear God, we love that you love us; let us walk in the light following in the footsteps of Jesus.


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