Honesty Within


The most difficult task for us to be completely honest with ourselves. This fault is a natural part of the human experience, one of the ways we fall short in our relationship with ourselves, others, and God. We are told to go into a room alone to pray, to be with God; it is this time where we need to be the most honest. Maybe, what we should do, must do, is take an inventory of ourselves, either alone or with a trusted friend or mentor, to find what we need to correct or even purge from our systems, all to be honest with ourselves.

With God’s help, we can discover our fully personal lives, including the immortal divine life, as well as the mortal human life. With the spirit of God within us, being completely honest with ourselves, opens us to receive ever-flowing love coming into our hearts. God brings us closer to him, allowing us to be closer to each other . . . if we are honest with ourselves; we then become honest with God and with others, giving us everlasting love.

God’s eternal love for us transforms us so that with others, sharing this love, we can transform the world to His goodness and grace. There is no stronger inspiration for us to be honest with ourselves and others, therefore, also being honest with God. And, since we have such a difficult task, God gave us the perfect example, Jesus, a human example to emulate, which does not mean we have to be physical crucified. Our task can be and undoubtedly is much more difficult, allowing ourselves to be spiritually crucified, therefore growing closer to God.

Honesty within is very difficult, but very, very rewarding.




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