1 - perfect

Are we perfect?

Our society does not treat us with respect; we live in a world that expects us to be perfect. If we fall prey to this expectation, we measure ourselves to all of the images we see around us, we feel something less than perfect. Often, we try to hide our imperfections and expend an enormous amount of time, money, and energy into measuring up, creating a psychological hollowness within us.

This results in us filling our self-image, our ego, with all of the artificial pressures placed on us by society. By doing this, we have no room for anything else. In a word, we are empty of what matters, but filled with artificial nothingness. This artificial nothingness can lead us into emotional and psychological feelings of superiority. Our ego takes over.

Society is not about you; it is not about me; it is about us. It cannot be about us if we are so pepped up by this false ego. Our ability to share is not how much we really have to give to society, but how empty we truly are.  We cannot receive the gift of giving with being able to receive.

This has to start with our relationship to God. To receive His grace, we have to empty ourselves of this falseness so that we can receive His Love fully in our life and let Him live His life within us. Jesus said that the Kingdom of God is within us; we just have to allow Him in. We have to empty ourselves of ego.

God is Life; God is Truth; God is Love; God is Perfect. I ask each morning for God to be within me as I live through my day.


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