The Bread of Life


From the Church of England: Many people think only about food, drink, money, and material goods. They believe that having more stuff brings a rich, abundant life. These lives are shaped by wanting more material things. Jesus challenges this view; he provides bread for the people and then he leads them deeper. Do not work for the food that perishes, but for the food that endures for eternal life.

The people ask, ‘What is this food?’ Jesus replies, ‘I am’. ‘I am the bread of life’: the one who brings joy and strength and sustains and feeds all that we are created to be. This is a key part to the Lord’s Prayer that leads us back to the Him. As we pray for daily bread, we are praying daily for a fresh encounter with Christ. Do we dare to do this?

We all already have this ability within us and between us—in fact, Jesus assures us that we are already “clothed” in it “from on high” (see Luke 24:49)! We need to look deep into our hearts and tend them with the same care as those who first heard Jesus speak, being careful to prune, and cut, and even to burn so that we too may live our lives in peace.

The scriptures remind us that peace is the fruit of love, a love that is also just, just for all. God reminds us that this is not easy; we must work hard within ourselves to bring this love to all whom we meet. It may even involve giving up the certainties that we have held on to all our lives, giving up the comforts that shelter us, but also harm us. Let us define ourselves as God asks.

As we witness so much division, fear, and suffering in our world, we wonder what path there is to healing ourselves and restoring hope. Perhaps, faith in ourselves and in God is the only trustworthy guide for us to follow. This faith is within us; can we divorce ourselves from the worries that others create to be comforted in God’s Love? Can we accept the food that God prepares for us?

Perhaps you can respond to this, to yourselves or to this meditation.

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