Where are You?

1 - healing

I feel You! You are all around.

I cannot miss the feeling of your presence

As my life is a joy to live

I saw you in the face of my children

When they were born


I know you are with us

When we pray in our prayer corner

Your comfort is warm

Your grace is a blessing


Why do I miss your presence

When I am in pain, when I have lost

When I have crossed into an unfamiliar place

When I am depressed


Why do I feel alone and abandoned

Why do I think you are not

With me during these bad times

Why do I doubt your presence


While on the cross

Jesus asked why you had forsaken him

This was the human side of Jesus

The suffering side


It is the human side of me that doubts

It is the human side that loses faith

It is my spiritual side that knows

You are always present in my life.



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