“Glory . . .


. . . to God in the Highest.” We glory and praise God as Love, Life, and all Creation. Yet . . . we fear God in His majesty! We are all in His presence and are unable to imagine his appearance. He is just to magnificent for us to picture Him. We need Jesus to put a face to God; and, we all see Him in a different face . . . black, white, brown, and whatever color a person happens to be. This is because Jesus is universal. By picturing Jesus, it is easier to pray to God.

I read and study the Bible; I find only two people who have actually seen God: Moses and Jesus. Jesus was both all human and all God; there is no way we can be like Him. Moses, however, was only human, as we all are. This pure human, Moses, faced God in all his majesty; he glowed from being in God’s presence.

Moses was the only pure human to face God. Why? Why only Moses?

Why can’t we? Moses wasn’t any more devout or no more holy than you or me. God chose Moses to lead Israel from Egypt, chose Moses as His first prophet to bring God’s word to Israel.

Why hasn’t God chosen you or me to go to the mountaintop, to face God and deliver his word to others? As a Christian, I believe that God chooses us to deliver His word and His Grace to others. By following Jesus, I am one of His disciples who He sent into the world to spread his message of love and hope to the world, not just those of Israel or Judea, but to all people all over the world.

As a writer of God’s eternal Love and his community of grace for all mankind and womankind, I believe that God has chosen me to bring this good news to all who read my words. For this reason, I believe that I can go to the mountaintop. But I don’t need to: God shows me his face very day. I see God in the person sitting next to me in the pew on Sunday mornings. I see God in my children and grandchildren: the sixteen-year-old looking at colleges and the 10-day-old looking up at the face of his mother and father. I see the face of God in these people.

I also see the face of God in the people I meet on the street, or in the stores, or in the myriad service meetings I have each week. These are also God’s children doing his work and spreading his glory all around.

I see God in the faces of wealth. The is a family now living on the far distant coast show has supported our feeding minister every year by grant us thousands of dollars, even though they were not members of our church. Winners of the lottery, they wanted to share their good luck with others less fortunate. This is God in our lives. Many wealthy people do many things to enrich the lives of those not as fortunate; this is God in our lives.

However, I also see the face of God in the man or woman begging on the side of the road, looking for help to feed their families. Many times, they are immigrants that society has turned its back on. This man or woman often blesses us with God’s grace when we reach out to help them with our few coins or dollars. Can you feel god in their words? I can! My meager generosity is rewarded by a gift I cannot imagine, the gift of God’s grace.

Being a prayer minister in church, I feel the glow of God’s presence with each prayer we offer in His name.

I may not have the shining face of Moses when I see God, but I am filled with His aura, His promise of Grace and Love.

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