One Family

one race

One Family  

I attended a meeting on diocesan race and reconciliation this morning. I can never understand how people can look at someone who is slightly different and can automatically assume that he is different, unequal, not worthy. I look at others as member of my family.

I am not an expert on all religions, but I do know that most (all?) of the religions on this planet have a creation story begins with one man, created by a god. Being a product of a Judeo-Christian upbringing, I was raised with the biblical story of Adam in the Garden of Eden.

Although I am not a literalist, I do understand that the message in the story, and those in other religions, is that if we are in fact all descended from one man, then we are one family. That family is the human race.

I cannot judge a person by how he looks, or what color he is, or what religion he practices, or what gender he identifies with. He is my brother, related through the original man.

I call men my brother and women my sister. We are all children of God and therefore are all deserving of whatever this planet Earth can provide. God loves us all.



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