Living is a Way of Life

way of life

Living is a Way of Life

Throughout the first five centuries people understood Christianity primarily as a way of life in the present. But these old beliefs are long dead. Our leaders have stressed that material wealth is much more important than the spiritual life that Christianity was meant to bring to the world.

I have always asked when enough is enough. Those in power horde everything, from money to jobs, education to food, and of course, proper housing. We have about 1.5 million homeless people in the United States and another 40 million living below the poverty level. Well-paying jobs and a lack of education are the main causes.

We have cut taxes so low in the United States that education has gone from number one in the world to an abysmal 17th place following much smaller countries with less opportunities. When my father graduated from 8th grade in 1902, his final exams included translating Latin and Greek into English; we now are offering remedial reading and English in college to native-born American citizens. This is worse than shameless.

We have lost our way morally in this country; wealth is the only judge of greatness; intellect means nothing. Read the newspapers about how the corrupt leaders are destroying the economic lives of our government workers. This is approved by them, because workers should not share in the wealth of America. Only the rich should benefit.

This is not God’s way; this is not the way of Jesus; this is not the ways of original Christianity. It is the way of those who interpret morality and spirituality with a dollar sign. God save us.


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