Willing to Wonder


Willing to Wonder

 Deuteronomy praises God in Heaven above and on Earth below: He is the only God. Accepting this truth, then it is wonderful that God is within us, guiding our every step. We only have to recognize and accept this as the rule of life.

We tend to inflate things beyond their importance. I wonder why Jesus always kept things small. He always related things to nature, or animals, or children, the smaller, lesser things in society. This is, I wonder, to show that God cares for all things created, not just mankind.

God loves all of nature; love is what carries us through life. Those people trying to live life without love are very lonely. We wonder why people love money more than people, more than God. God loves us; God heals us; God shows us the way when we are lost. There is no wonder as to the unlimited blessings we have, when we love God and all of his creation.

I wonder why I always feel so little, when I feel lost, when I cannot find my way. I then remember what Jesus said: the lowly shall be lifted up, the last shall be first. When we are so low, Jesus is there for us. When we feel we are important, we do not feel the presence of God, because we think we are more important.

I begin my prayers with and for others by saying that we live in awe and wonder at the magnificence of God. There is no limit to His compassion and love. When we put our lives in his hands, we are no longer stressed by the mundane, and often frightening, events that happen to us.






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