A Short Poem

advent light

A Final Thought on Advent, Using the Advent Word of the Day

Heavenly Father, gracious God,

We journey through life

watching for your face in others, in ourselves

Focus-ing to emerge

from the night

to walk in your light


Our desire sprouts as do

the flowers in Your eternal garden

staying alert to the presence

of the Holy Spirit


In the wild-s of the forest

Our cry is for others to join this journey

Grow-ing in the beauty Your love

and tender caress.


Our journey is rough

Filled with perils that only You can smooth

The path beneath our feet is filled with weeds

That we can prune only with Your help

To clear our mortal gardens


Gracious God prepare our souls

We rejoice

Sing with all our long-lost Ancestors

And we are awash-ed in the

Comfort of Your kingdom

Our hearts are ablaze

Knowing that with Your grace

We read the signs

To live in Your righteousness


We expect You to answer

our prayers and persist

in our desires for material

riches and honors


but our true goal

is to enjoy the peace that

Only Your love offers and

That we can finally

Celebrate immortality in the

comfort of Your eternal embrace.

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