Do we really know what inclusion means? The first definition in the dictionary say it is the act of being included; not a big help. If we think of synonyms, we might be better off: involvement, embodiment, and embracement. Looking at these words helps us determine what inclusion really means.

Are we willing to allow people of different national origins or religious beliefs into our extended families? If you read the headlines in our daily newspapers, we may think that we are all at each other’s’ throats, because all the news talks about is how many people are killing each other over our differences.

But we must look beyond these headlines and look in our own back yards. I have found great brotherhood in my friendships with people of color, people identifying themselves as various genders, and people of different faith traditions.

There is so much to learn from each group that culturally I am enriched by these friends. Can we all do this? Are we willing to surrender ourselves to get to know people who do not share the same heritage as us? This is God’s will, but He does not force this on us; we are free to choose what path we journey on. I find that opening my hearts to God’s goodness and the goodness of others allows me to become a whole person, enriched by diversity.

Looking at the world, I see a very violent place, a place where peace needs to be nurtured. If we allow peace-nurturing in our hearts, perhaps peace-making will follow. It is God’s will.

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