I’d Rather be Honest than Right!

honesty  I’d Rather be Honest than Right!


The only thing I can say that I am usually right about is when it comes to writing an English sentence. After all, I did teach writing in English at the college level; so, I can safely say that I am usually right, when talking about writing or speaking in English.

In all other circumstances, I would rather be honest. Those who know me, know that I am not one to hold back my words. I will speak on many different issues. I don’t consider myself to be an expert on all things, but I do have opinions. I try my best not to make my opinion more important than others. I will never disrespect the opinions of others.

I think much of this stems from my belief to respect others. All too often, I observe that people, who try to impose their wills on others, do not respect others and have little patience to listen to what others say. Think about the person who is obviously thinking of their response to what someone is saying, instead of hearing what that other is saying. We all experience this in our daily lives. The person guilty of this does not respect what the other is say, only cares for his own opinion.

I just returned from a spiritual mediation period at church, called Lectio Divina; which is primarily a mediation on Bible verse and sharing with others. It is a great chance to share faith and support with and for others. I know there are some who look to me for guidance, but I will not interject my opinion into what their reflections are; what I will do is ask supporting questions to allow them to expand on their meditations.

The result is twofold. Primarily, they get to explore their beliefs deeper, and then I get to learn from them, which enhances my spiritual life. The questions I ask are spur-of-the-moment; I do not plan what I will as; I spend my time listening, listening to them out of respect for their sharing their innermost thoughts. My reflections, spoken or not, are honest. I will not judge what they are saying. I am truly interested in their views; they are important to them and important to me. I can learn from others; I cannot learn if I disrespect them by trying to be right rather than hones with them.

One of my spiritual goals is to understand my fellow man on a much deeper level, which enhances my understanding of God.


I realize that this is longer and more free-ranging than usual; it is a most difficult topic. What do you think? What are your views? Please share.  

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