God Blesses Us

blessings   We are blessed

 God blesses us as we walk along our separate paths, usually under great duress and temptation; He holds us close, so we know that what we do is not in vain, bur will profit those we meet. Remember this; it is our lifeblood for a world of peace and thanksgiving. John 1 starts with the word is God; if we follow the word, we walk in a world of grace, justice, and truth.  

 Our hope for the future lies in the light of God’s path. This blesses us with the ability to greet all people as equals and all creatures as worthy of our love. When we treat God’s poor with dignity and respect, all welcomed and embraced. Anything less is against God’s will. When we tire, the Lord strengthens us with His Spirit to help us imagine what His world is truly like.

 As children, we make mistakes; but God forgives us, because we are His children. So, we must not fret about small mistakes we make or small indiscretions. God loves us, forgives us, and those who also walk in His path will do the same. All we need to do is show our sorrow for the error and gratitude for the forgiveness, from both God and others.

 The Qu’ran states that we are made in the best of statures; the Bible says we are made in His image and likeness. Different words have the same meaning. We are children of God and therefore, as created by Him, we are perfect. Let us treat each other this way and glorify God, as we are glad to do. There is no I; there is only we.

 In Christianity, we recite the Lord’s prayer, almost too automatically. These are not just words. They are meant to convey a message to our inner selves about who we truly are. Instead of just reciting this prayer and we must), we should also wrap our life around this prayer to live the life of pray pleasing to God, and to us. Comfort, tranquility, and inner happiness is the reward. I believe it is a just reward.

 We cannot ignore what others may say in meanness, but it is our lot to forgive them and not show anger, which only worsens the situation. As I have aged, I find it easier to forgive people who have (offended) me; I now forgive them for their small indiscretions. By not belaboring what they may have said, I can live in peace and not be consumed by how wrong the other is. The other is also a child of God, and also makes small mistakes, as I do. God forgives us both; I must do the same.

 Does this make us a servant to all? Perhaps; Jesus did say the first will be last, and the last shall be first. I think about this every day.

 Bless you brothers and sisters. I love you all.

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