Personal Faith in My Life


My Faith in My Life 


I’m sitting here, at my computer, reflecting on the weekend. My son was in town, which is always a wonderful joy. He stays with his sister here in Fredericksburg, but we get to see him during these visits. Both of our children, in their forties, are the best things of our lives.

He returned to North Carolina after we had breakfast on Sunday; Linda and I were heading for church services. I had been wavering all morning as to whether I want to just go home; mornings are sometimes not kind to me. We did, however, attend church. We heard a nice sermon from the young adults’ pastor who serves three churches in Fredericksburg and is the youth pastor at UMW. What was truly important was my personal time for prayer; I first prayed for a dear friend from my high school days in Summit, NJ; he is in hospice, losing a life-long battle with cancer. I pray that he returns home peacefully, as we all will, eventually. When he leaves, his wife, three daughters, and many grandchildren will surely suffer for their loss. Herb is and was loved by all who knew him.

After this, at the end of the service, I stayed after with a newer dear friend, who is also having a rough time, having spent the last few weeks in and out of the hospital. We sat in the pews and prayed for her continued recovery and her comfort in the hands of God.

Both prayers allowed me to cherish this time in church yesterday. I attend church for the fellowship and the comfort of having people around me who are people of faith, as I am. My meditation at home allows me to be closer to God, and then share that closeness with those I love. I only wish I could be in new Jersey with the ones I love there who are going through such hard times; but, I know that the prayers I send from Virginia are just as comforting, and I need not be holding their hands in a hospice room.

I don’t understand the workings of God; I am not at His level, but I do appreciate and learn form what She sets on my plate. I embrace what I can and share that to the best of my humble ability. I am not egotistical; I only try to bring comfort to those I love. I make myself open to receive what ever She sends my way.

My life changes as I go through different periods. There are times when I face the sadness of leaving one part of my life to enter a different experience. Nevertheless, in my experience, these times are usually followed by rewards that are more than satisfying. My faith plays a vital role in this development. Let this be the way of my life that I may try, keeping my feet firmly on the ground, while I experience my heart soaring in the heavens. My true astonishment is that I am allowed to receive this blessing to share with others.

I pray that my friends, those I know and those I have yet to meet, can enjoy the freedom that I have.


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