I have been thinking a great deal about anger lately. Some of it even has to do with the condition our country is in and will be after the Trump presidency. But this is not the issue I want to discuss today.

Anger changes everything. I know; I am angry. I am angry about the fact that I am no longer young; I am angry about not being able to do the things I used to do. I am also angry about the fact that I have been diagnosed with COPD and have trouble breathing; and I am angry about the fact that the doctors are sending me back and forth between my Pulmonologist and Cardiologist and can only prescribe expensive medication that does not seem to alleviate the issue.

But this anger is not doing me or anyone else any good.

So, I return to my standing theme. I return to the message of love that the Bible offers. If we think about this message and try to understand its implications, I am sure that we can reduce our love of material things to a status more important in our lives than we make it. I return to what Jesus says in Matthew. Our first and greatest commandment is to love God. That means we must not only say we love God, but we must show this love by following the second commandment which is to love others as we love ourselves.

But . . .  maybe the problem is that we no longer love ourselves. Maybe, by loving material things so much we have lost our ability to love ourselves. Maybe, just maybe, that deep within us we realize that by placing money and other things above all else, including God, we are embarrassed by this, even if we fail to state this openly.

Maybe in my anger over my age and the limitations created by it, I have placed myself in with the masses who trust something other than God to be my mentor. My father was a devout Christian Scientist. He had accepted the poser of God’s Love to heal him when he was sick or injured; he led a life basically free from physical ailments until he passed just shy of his 85th birthday. I long to have this kind of love. I long to have this type faith. I meditate daily; I pray daily; I know that God walks with me no matter what I feel or what I do.

I know that I must return to the total acceptance of God’s Love and divine presence in my life and the life of all of my brothers and sisters, know and unknown, near and far. Maybe, just maybe, if I can claim the faith of my father, the one who parented me and the eternal Father, the one who nurtures me daily, maybe, just maybe, I can overcome these physical failings and return to sharing God’s Love with all. I go through the motions now, praying that my faith will carry me into truly sharing the gifts God has given me.

I pray that all who read this and all my friends who do not read this will share the true Love that only God can give.


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