Hate and Judgement


Hate and Judgement

An interesting combination is hate and judgement. Can we avoid the only judgement that matters?

On this July 4th, the 242nd anniversary of the birth of our nation, I cannot truly call us the home of the free; there are entirely too many people of color and financial deficiency who are not truly free. Too many people are judging these people on their looks or economic status, using hate to put them down. I do not like or approve of this.

I sometimes become pessimistic about what our society is evolving into; but then I remember that the youth of today will become tomorrow’s leaders, and optimism replaces that feeling of pessimism.

True, at times we appear to be a spiritually impoverished nation, anger and bitterness control the headlines.  But the optimism of the youth of today encourages me to think that the evil that seems to pervade our society will be replaced by something more akin to what God wants of us. What we have created is failing; hopefully, what the youth will create will be more loving and caring, with less hate.

My generation has enlarged the dangerous weaponry that our fathers’ generation began; we perfected a way to kill us all, but something inside of us has prevented us from executing the inevitable. Sorry, Arnold, the world of the robots will not control our lives, causing eternal havoc and war.

Jesus’ last words to his followers was to put your sword back; his followers were not allowed to use violence to protect him. I pray that our future leaders will shun violence and look to love and peace. I see the youth demonstrating against the openness of our gun-enriched society. Prayerfully, I hope that when they take the reins of society, more level heads will prevail.

Love will win in the end; this I am sure of.

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