Loving and Living

loving living

Loving and Living

Some people look at world events and think that the end is not far off. Nuclear war could destroy us all in a matter of minutes. I question this; no matter when or how we live, the end for us can come at any time. I had a high school friend who died in an accident at age 18; another had a massive heart attack at age 32. I don’t know if I will live another year, or week, or day. It’s not my position to determine when God will call me home.

Knowing this, we must not let our problems create difficulties for others. We must consider all people in our decisions. We cannot forget to love those around us. By loving them, we allow them to live as they see fit, or as they can. I will do nothing to make their lives any more difficult. I will do everything to make their lives better, if only spiritually through prayer.

By loving people, we show them what we believe; by living a life of love, we allow people to live and love as we all should. I will not allow any of my former egotism to get in the way; I will all Egoism to be present. (I hope you know the difference). By living a life of Love, we strengthen and renew our own and others’ hearts. When fear and doubt invade our lives, we cannot allow them to mislead us into doing harm to others. In Matthew, Jesus says we cannot love money and God. I wish all would understand the meaning of this.

I find it upsetting that we in the United States have plenty of money for war, weapons, and bailing out banks, but never have the money for health care, education, or welcoming our neighbors, which is taught in all religions. I pray each day that things will change. One truth of Jesus is that we cannot praise both God and money. Many of us in the US have forgotten this. By praising wealth, we short-change ourselves and society. Nothing good ever comes from praising wealth – only more greed and less caring for our neighbors, or as I say, family members.

I pray that things change; I pray that things change. By praying this, I comfort myself, which in turn, allows me to serve others as best as I can. What we do we believe; what we believe we do.  


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