Seeking True Satisfaction

a- sophia

Seeking True Satisfaction.

Things that once brought us meaning and happiness may longer satisfy us. We then try to create artificial fullness through many kinds of unnatural behavior, but still feel empty and nothing. This just demonstrates that we are in fact imperfect and must forgive ourselves for this state of mind.

The duties of the day invade our cores as soon as we awake each day; more than likely these duties have also interrupted our sleep. We don’t know how we can do it all in one day, accomplishing little, if anything. When we are fully agitated, we race around, running in place. This is the time to remind ourselves to stop, let go, and readjust our thinking.

If we don’t begin to get away from our false selves, no matter which way we turn, we run into obstacle which get us further into the same rut. We keep looking for ways to overcome this, without re-examining what our values are.

This is when I look to others for help, no that they will solve my problems, but they will change the way I think. Many of you know that I am a prayer minister at my church. When I am prayed over by the priest and sent to listen to others, my entire focus changes. I stop listening to my inner voice and listen to others. I then open my mind to God’s words and share these with my prayer recipients.

Before I realize it, my troubles are no longer valid. By getting out of my own rut, to help others cope with their lives, I improve my own existence.

I realize that not all of us can be prayer ministers, meaning we must find ways to take our focus off our failing attempts to cope, and open ourselves to the realities of our true selves, not those created by society. Jesus teaches that we should do as he does, seek others who are also broken and lost. Listen to them with compassion and see their difficulties as your own. By accepting that we are all broken, enables us to heal.

I don’t believe we can do this on our own. I know that God helps us. I know that god helps me.

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