That ‘let-it-all-go’ Love of Jesus

Let all that you do be done in Love.That ‘let-it-all-go’ Love of Jesus

Brother Keith Nelson of the Society of St. John the Evangelist began today’s Lenten Meditation saying, “We’re made strong by the model of self-spending love – that ‘let-it-all-go’ kind of love of Jesus – so that we can go out into the world and practice the same kind of love.”

This is a powerful statement that directs us in the way that we are taught to follow Jesus. This means that in communities of love, such as St. George’s, to whom we’ve made faithful commitments¸ it means to practice vulnerability, the vulnerability we see and recognize in others and in ourselves. We lay down our lives by volunteering to do the things that need doing; even if we are unsure of how to accomplish what needs to be done’; we risk our reputations on an unsure thing, not knowing how it will help others, if at all. We ask if we have the means and the volunteers to walk with us, but we walk the path anyway to serve others.

When we find ourselves in a place where we feel we are called to sacrifice for others, we say a prayer, a prayer to assist us in our quest, a prayer asking for guidance. This action, this prayer, is Love. It is that Let-it-go-Love that Brother Keith speaks of.

This meditation, led by Brother Keith, is very apropos this morning, considering that last night was our monthly meeting of our Grace in Action Commission, formally called our Outreach Commission. The twelve people around the table reported on the different ongoing activities this commission is presently conducting or participating in with others. From feeding those struggling to keep their heads above water, to our call to provide understandable church services to our deaf community, to our call to help dress the underprivileged children in our local schools, all around the table were deeply concerned, deeply committed to sacrifice in Love for our neighbors, for our brothers and sisters in need.

I speak of this not in a braggadocio way, but as an example to others as to how with a little daring, we can help the person next to us in the light of God’s Love.


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