Wisdom & Love


Wisdom and Love

These are two of the greatest messages we learn about in the Bible. They are also the main images of Jesus that I possess. He taught Wisdom, the Wisdom that has been taught in all cultures from the beginning of recorded history.

We still cannot get it right.

The Sermon on the Mount, one of the most spiritually uplifting messages in Matthew, should be the veritable blueprint for our lives, filled with Wisdom and Love. Yet we reject it; or, rather, we think we have mastered it because we think we got it right at the start. We ignore its teachings, because we believe that we are following its precepts and therefore, do not have to re-examine its meanings.

For many of us, we feel that God is silent; rarely, if ever, entering our lives. However, without words, God speaks to us, filling our hearts with Wisdom and Love; all we must do is listen, but not with our ears. Can we hear God’s message of His Omnipotence, His Love, His Wisdom? We can, if we so desire. He is near to all who want Him as part of life. He hears our cries of despair in this age of “alternate truths” – comforting us as no human can.

My prayer for the day is that we have more Love in our lives, more Wisdom to face the many frustrating and fearful images in the world today. I want to always be able to recognize the goodness, God, in all I meet. I pray that our lives return to the time of being when mankind was a true steward of God’s kingdom.

Heavenly Father, please help me get it right!



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