Companionship: Love in a World of Hate

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Companionship: Love in a world of Hate 

We are in the midst of a self-made crisis in the United States. Some of our leaders have little respect for people who do not look as they do. In a word, we are experiencing a form of racism that we all thought was long dead. But then again, I am not a person of color, so, I am only speaking from a 75-year-old white viewpoint.

We should be led by the laws of Love set down by Jesus. We should not be judging people for what they look like or where they come from. I think He makes this very clear in his statement that we must love each other as we love ourselves. Practicing this will lead us to a freedom guaranteed by God.

We need His faith to survive this period in our lives. If we do not live this faith, we suffer a lack of freedom that will change our world. This loss of freedom comes as a loss of faith in what is good. The Good that God offers is the only true Love available to us. We need the means to believe that God is in our lives and what others tell us is false. We need dauntlessness, because without this we will fail.

Through our faith, we continue to trust in the divine hand of friendship, forgiveness, reconciliation, and redemption, offered so freely by God. We have the strength to speak against those who want to reverse what Jesus taught us. Madelyn Albright said that it took her a long time to develop a voice, and once she had it, she would not remain silent. We must do the same. If we allow others to speak for us, we will cede the ability, and the right, to deny how others view us.

All of us have the unity of spirit and of the Spirit; we must demonstrate our unity of Love for each other, the sympathy for others’ plights, and open our hearts to suffer with those affect by harsh words. I try to express my Love of others, not by saying that I love them; but by the way I treat all whom I meet, directed by the  Love that Jesus asked us to live by; the Love to Live by. This is not easy, and I am not perfect; but I do my best to treat all those I meet as if they are part of my family. And, in reality, all are.

I believe that God created each of us with a definite purpose in mind; but, it is up to us to first recognize, then live up to this purpose. His plan of Love is for all; unfortunately, some of us think we know better and try to change the plan, wanting to shape others’ views to match as we deem prudent; but, prudent by our means, not God’s. Those who do this get offended when we do not conform to their views; we are the ones who should be offended.

God wants our companionship; I think She would be very happy if we desired the same from our fellow human beings. Unfortunately, we sometimes forget this.

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