Time to Celebrate


There are merely three days before we greet a new year and face new problems, or maybe old problems that seem to have magnified. It is time to take a step backwards and seek patience, guidance, and the freedom to release our tainted minds, loosen our controls over those things we view to be certitudes. A time for change should begin with a time to seek greater guidance in our lives. When we pray for this guidance, we are already being guided by God; the desire for guidance is this first step to easing our pre-determined controls that have made us edgy in the old year. When we seek guidance, God is with us, helping us to find the correct way.

As we face this change, this new beginning, let us pause to receive the Joy of this past Advent season, remembering what brought us to this time of year. Look at our families; be thankful for all the blessing received by and for those closest to us. Look around for any words of kindness, any generosity, any acts of charity.

Linda and I had the occasion to join others in a celebration of communal loving kindness. The Table at St. George’s Episcopal Church is a vital ministry for those in need in the Fredericksburg area. There are many congregational and client volunteers who work unselfishly to bring much needed food to our neighbors. The celebration last night was to thank those who diligently work behind the scenes to bring this ministry to life. A handful of people give their time to individually bag food donations from such businesses and Panera, and Wawa. These donations fill a gap in what we can purchase; they come to us in bulk and must be separated, discarding any spoiled food, and then individually wrapped for presentation at The Table. Hours of tedious work are required each week. This handful of volunteers are a blessing, and a joy to be with.

We also have another group of volunteers that rises very early on Christmas morning, congregate at St. George’s, and prepare Christmas packages for the homeless families who must live in one-room motels to keep their children off the streets. This year, these volunteers delivered over 200 food packages to our neighbors living in motels in Fredericksburg.

Little things such as this may go unnoticed by the masses, but they are the vital tasks that need requires. These volunteers are gifts from God.

Our challenges for the new year will still be present; however, with our recognition that we must be diligent in our efforts, be thankful for our volunteers, and by all means take the time to thank God for his blessings, and his support in our efforts to bring love and kindness to our neighbors. We celebrate this relationship.


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