Renewal during Advent

I had an interesting experience yesterday; I had carpal tunnel surgery on my right wrist. If that’s not bad enough four days before Christmas, the I had to be at the hospitably 6:00 AM.

I thought I was handling the situation perfectly, until the nurse took my blood pressure. I normally have a blood pressure near 115/65; yes, I do exercise regularly. I am normally a very relaxed person, who does not allow the day-to-day annoyances to bother me. Well, when she took my blood pressure, the reading was 152/98. Very high! She explained that just the fact that I was having surgery will increase the rate, due to anticipation. Oh! How cool a customer I am.

From check-in through the time when I finally was wheeled into the operating room, my faith in humanity, jaded as it sometimes is, was fully renewed. Linda and I were greeted by smiling faces and warm greetings. The nursing staff was totally professional, very pleasant, and desired only to make me as comfortable as possible. The anesthesiologist and the surgeon were pleasant and efficient, and the surgery went as planned. During the recovery and discharge, I was treated with the greatest respect, competence, and above all gentleness and smiles galore.

It is a wonder how a concept, such as renewal, appears and becomes a most important factor in our lives.

I have had a wonderful life! I have experienced business failure and many medical issues, but I have always had people around me who were supportive, loving, and understanding. It is the greatest gift that a person can receive. As I ponder the life I have had, I can see many times when my faith was shattered (temporarily) only to by those around me, even if faith was not the issue.

My wife, Linda, who always says that she finds it difficult to pray, is a living prayer. Daily, she renews my faith in the Love and Goodness that God graces our lives with. What she has done for me for the fifty years we have been married, she is now doing for those struggling with their lives in Fredericksburg. Through her kindness and loving nature, she helps renew the faith and lives of others.

I stress this, because what Linda offers, what the nurses and profession staff and Spotsy hospital give on a daily basis is what we all endeavor to find. We need the love and support of all the people we meet, and when we experience it, we discover that our lives have been renewed, allowing us to continue our journeys, maybe not with ease, but definitely made easier by those around us.

This renewal is one of the many gifts God gives us. I pray that I can keep my experiences in mind, allowing me to offer this same blessing to others . . . continuously.

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