What I Believe


I have been reading and teaching the writings of Leslie Marmon Silko and Louise Erdrich; both are Native-American authors. Their apparent contact with nature and the mysticism and spirituality that accompanies this contact convince me that we enjoy eternal life. Once we shed these imperfect bodies, we join a much greater existence in what we refer to as the afterlife. This departure from scientific thought answers the questions of the imbalances we experience in our lives.

What I believe:

  • God supports us during times of hardship and stress
  • She gives us joy of Love, of Prayer, of Strength, allowing us to share our lives with all
  • With joy we find happiness; both are God’s gifts
  • As much as I believe that prayer is a personal gift, we need group that church gives it identities to establish us and fix us in the world we live in
  • God makes his home, our home
  • God gives me wide-open eyes to all that is and all that is illusory, and the patience and questioning with the instinct for discovering Truth
  • God is within me, and is within you; thus, a level playing field
  • When I need God, He heals me
  • God is present in me now; in the past; in the future. All time is the present for God, keeping us illuminated by his presence
  • Even though we live in troubled times, God is within us, assuring us of his kingdom

I pray that as I live my life that what I do models these beliefs. I also pray that during the times I fail to model these, my brothers and sisters will guide me to the right path. We are all in this life together and cannot succeed as individual islands. Our culture uses every strength it has to define us, addicting us to everything that does not matter.

Tolstoy commented that wrong is still wrong, even if all believe it. We need each other and Wisdom (God’s Wisdom) to correct this societal evil. We are burdened and driven by every societal need and societal oppression; we must remain steadfast in our ability to correct these problems with God’s Truth and Love.

If we are all people of faith, regardless of the religion we practice, then we must come together to recognize God in each of us.

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