Acting Sergeant Carter to the Rescue!

I had a very interesting dream last night. A dream that on the surface is very disturbing, but when I looked at it thoughtfully, clarity struck me in the gut. Let me explain my dream:

I was a recruit in the military, and selected to be the acting platoon sergeant as we traveled to a combat zone. There were several wiseguys who thought one of them should have been chosen, and they decided to be total disrupters. This may have been my remembering a scene from the movie To Hell and Back, when this happened in real life to Audie Murphy. Only in my case, I decided to defend myself and get these few in line immediately; unfortunately, I chose fists to accomplish this, but that only created more problems.

I awoke this morning with a screaming headache, my dream fresh in my thoughts. My wife continually asked if I was all right. My response was that everything was perfect . . . except my dream kept intruding in my reading the news, another distressing thing in the mornings.

In finally dawned on me after reading the daily inspiration from the Henri Nouwen Society, “When someone hurts us, offends us, ignores us, or rejects us, a deep inner protest emerges.” And, “It is precisely here that we have to dig deep into our spiritual resources and find the center within us.”

My inner voice is telling me that I have to face reality. I wake up each morning reading and hearing about the murders in Washington D. C. then I read about some inane thing that a congressman says about female senators. My natural instinct is to ignore this and get on with my day, my life. Maybe God is telling me something else. Spiritually, I am an activist; in the real world, I a m a strong participant in church and local social issues, but not in politics. I cannot believe that God wants me to get politically active. We will have to talk about this, and this should be a very interesting conversation. “Oh God, what . . .

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