Shooting in an Arkansas Nightclub


With all of the shootings we have had this past week, I am confronted by a stark reality that is discomforting. According to the news, none of the shootings were terrorist shootings, and none of these shooting was done by a Muslim; they were committed by mentally challenged people. It seems that only Muslims can shoot with terrorism in mind. I apologize to my conservative friends, but any shooting that causes loss of life or serious wounding is terror.

I decided to search for Jesus in the Qu’ran. Not being that familiar with this holy book, I examined other literature and found a book written by Zeki Saritoprak, called Islam’s Jesus. According to Saritoprak, Jesus is truthful . . .always. According to Islam, Jesus is one of the most important prophets of God, who was born of the virgin Mary, without a father. Jesus was a healer and a miracle worker, but was not God, nor was he the son of God. Two interesting examples are that Jesus speaks from the cradle and creates a real bird by blowing into a toy, clay model.

So, what does this mean in today’s world? Too many people, not much; but, to some of us, we can accept that our Muslim brothers and sisters recognize the important of Jesus and the effect he has had on society. However, we must listen to our brothers and accept how they also believe in Jesus.

I believe this is so. Therefore, we cannot accept that all shootings done my Muslims are terrorist-driven. And all shootings done by Christians are done by mentally deranged individuals. All shootings create terror, and all shootings that take lives are done by mentally deranged individuals.


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