Dreams: God has not abandoned us.

follow dreams

I offered a little piece of advice to the academic scholars of Germanna Community College last evening. I talked about the inner voice that sometimes plagues us, but always speaks to us.

This is the crux of what I said: “listen to your inner voice; it’s smarter than you are, it’s smarter than your parents, or your professors. It knows YOU!!!”

How does this inner voice relate to dreams? In my world – in every way. The inner voice recognizes what your true dreams are; it is not always urging you to an easy path.

During my long career in photography, I was very unhappy; now, there are many reason why this was so, but the main reason was I was too timid to go after what I really wanted. I spent a good portion of my career, behind the counter of a camera store, teaching people how to use their cameras; teaching people how to use natural lighting to improve their portraits; teaching people how to believe in themselves when taking more than just snapshots.

I also spent many, many years teaching Sunday school at Christ Church in Summit, New Jersey. Allowing my middle and high school students to investigate what their own relationship to God is and how this relationship governs their deepest dreams, and how to achieve them.

After a near-fatal car accident, God took over and by using many very good friends, at the age of 54, I began teaching in New Jersey, and am now a literature professor at Germanna Community College. With my students, I explore what classic literature and modern day truths affect their personal dreams.

Parents, educators, and politicians are continually telling young people to settle for whatever they can get to be happy; the world is just too “iffy” to try for the brass ring of true happiness.

NO! NO! not true. It may be more difficult to snatch happiness from the garbage heap we call our present lifestyle; but dreams are still attainable. God has not abandoned us. God is there to support us as we struggle to make our dreams come true. It may be difficult at times, but if it is truly worth the effort, you will be rewarded.


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