Jacob’s Ladder


I was driving back home this morning after signing checks at St. George’s. My peripheral vision noticed a beautiful phenomenon off to my left. The Sun’s rays breaking through the overcast skies.

The weather experts tell us that the leading clouds from Harvey are quickly overtaking the skies in North Carolina and Virginia with liquid sunshine filling our day tomorrow. The sky is a kaleidoscope of greys, from pale off white to an ebony darkness foretelling ominous storms.

But these thoughts were not occupying my mind . The awe-inspiring beauty of the faint, almost invisible, streams of light filtering through the hazy clouds overhead brought me to a greater understanding and a much happier feeling.

Exiting my car and walking into the middle of the street (cul-de-sac), I was able to appreciate what I felt when first glimpsing this beauty. The Bible story of Jacob’s ladder came to mind, as I imagined God’s angels coming to and returning from Earth. These thoughts kept me sky watching, feeling as if I was seeing first hand God bringing his kingdom to us on Earth.  

Have a beautiful day, and stay safe this Labor Day weekend.