Who Am I

I am a retired high school history teacher and college writing and literature professor. In my prayer life, I have attended church since I was a five-year-old in East Orange, NJ. After a tour in the Marine Corps, I was in my own business for almost twenty-five years. During this time, I attended a UCC church in Summit, NJ and served as the chair of the Christian Education program and was a Sunday School teacher for almost twenty years. While there, I became a Stephen minister tending to the needs of those in spiritual need of missing God in their lives.
My wife and I moved to Fredericksburg, VA in 2009 and I immediately became active in   prayer ministries. With two others, I helped create a Stephen Ministry at our local Episcopal church. I also helped in the creation of a prayer corner allowing people to offer prayers after our celebrating the Eucharist. 
I am now an active member of prayer programs in both churches (NJ and VA). With others I spend most of my day in Bible reading and prayer. 
This website is dedicated to prayer through meditations, prayers, and poetry and prose meditations on Love, Faith, Community, and prayer.
I pray that you will be nourished by my offerings of prayer.

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